If you are missing the Bubble Show at the Discovery Cube, or just want to see some cool bubble tricks, this video is for you! My students were amazed by the different tricks and were super excited to start trying them out. As the title says, these are more advanced bubble tricks, so I would highly recommend watching this after completing the earlier Backyard Bubblefest Adventure videos, especially the Basic Bubble Tricks. Four advanced tricks are showcased in this video: The Caterpillar, The Bubble Tornado, The Carousel, and the Interlocker. These tricks are varying degrees of difficulty. I found the Caterpillar and Interlocker a little easier than the other two. I do wish the video showed a step-by-step process on how to make each bubble trick. I also found it a bit a difficult to make a couple of the tricks without a big bubble wand like the one used in the video. While these tricks are more advanced, it was fun watching my students experiment and become better as they practiced the tricks more and more.