Simple, fun project to show the movement of a point on earth in relation to the sun throughout the day. This project requires "sun print paper" which can be found online, but is not a common item found in a typical home. I tried to do the activity with dark blue construction paper instead and it worked, but I had to try with a larger hole to let more light in and yield a more noticeable result. It was very faint, but got more noticeable after leaving it out in the sun a second day. I also got a "sun print" from leaving an item on the paper I taped to the top of the box so I knew the sun would bleach the paper, it is just not as strong of a result as "sun print" paper would be. The site for this is easy to follow, but does not offer much in the way of explanation beyond the special paper. Because of the info on the "sun print" paper it could be easy to loose sight of what the project is meant to explore which is "sun mapping" though the paper is interesting too.