This activity could serve as a jumping off point to an array of different topics like warm blooded vs. cold blooded, biology and how different body systems work together/balance, ocean animals, adaptations (biological vs. behavioral) and surely more. The video is great because it offers multiple examples and I think it would be easy for kids to follow. The activity is simple and would go pretty quick so I think it would be great paired with something else depending on what direction of learning you would want to go. Like perhaps it would be fun to just add coloring a picture of your favorite blubbery animal after this. Or make some guesses about what other animals might need blubber. I do not have shortening right now, but I wondered if coconut oil would work, if just a glove/one bag would make a difference, then two, then the full experiment. It might be interesting to try it all three ways to see if there is a difference. You could time yourself first bare handed and so on to see with which you are able to hold your hand in the ice water the longest, (pulling it out as soon as it gets uncomfortable and no longer.)