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Planting a seed for ID!
This resource urges elementary aged students to engage in some field research. Emphasizing how important outside observations are can help students make connections from the science classroom to the outdoors. I loved how simple the guide was when completing this activity. The recommended app definitely takes this activity to the next level. It is easy to install and use. A recommendation for the app is that the camera acts as a scanner and not a camera so show multiple angles of the same plant. This can help the AI to narrow it down from a large list of similar species. I've found that overall with common plants and animals, this app was accurate and fast.
The App itself I played with for forty five minute identifying old photos of different plants and animals. A dedicated bird ID app like merlin would give you a more in depth and accurate answer for bird identification if that's what you're looking for.
Turn over a new leaf by planting the idea of identifying plants!