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Did you know Neil Armstrong's footprints on the Moon are still there? And could last as long as the moon itself.
This activity is all about creating moon craters. The materials involved are easy to find normally but you may need to find a substitute for flour as that is not easily available right now. I did not have chocolate powder so replaced it with cinnamon and replaced the marbles with coins.
We did this activity for the Science of the Moon at the Discovery Cube which was a big hit for all who participated. Visitors loved seeing the craters being created from dropping objects at different heights. To extend or scale up this activity, consider using different materials for flour to simulate how a different planets surface might react to meteors and asteroids hitting it at different speeds. I remember this activity was really messy so it’s best to do with old clothes and outside if it's possible. The video attached to the activity was informative, albeit low quality. I would recommend this activity to learners with an imagination that is out of this world!