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In this activity, participants play a bird beak game where they use their “beak” to try to pick up as much “food” as possible. The videos suggested are excellent in providing accurate supplemental information and context to the activity. I did not have all the materials in the procedure so replaced the "food" and "beaks" with items I had at home. This included paper clips, thumbtacks, pen caps, a spatula and a fork.
When teaching this lesson, I prefer to make it a game to see which group or child can pick up the most in the allotted time and which materials each tool is best for. I create a chart on the board so that the participants can come up with their own conclusions about which instrument is best for picking up which item. This is one of my favorite activities to teach. One small suggestion for the procedure would be to specify the cup can’t be moved around and that hands can’t be used at all