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Watching something grow and keeping it alive is a good way to learn how we affect our surroundings. The make a miniature garden activity is perfect to introduce environmental responsibility to young students at home. The materials are easy to gather and if you do not have access to seeds, you can harvest some from produce that you use at home. The resource offers a PDF version of the activity for offline learning, but a printer is not necessary as your child can copy all relevant information into a notebook. Instead of laminating paper to use for plant identifier sticks you can use popsicle sticks as they hold up well even when exposed to water. Before you start planting, the resource encourages you to watch an episode of “Nature Cat: Where have all the Butterflies gone?” I could not find the episode on the PBS website but a quick search on YouTube reveled the episode split up into six different clips. I queued all the clips in different windows and was able to enjoy the full episode (clips one to three) as well as the following episode For the Birdies (clips four to six). Both episodes had highly relatable characters and because the content is made for children no annoying ads to worry about. The characters in the show tackle the concept of habitat destruction in a gentle way and offer solutions that we can apply in real life. Putting the garden together and watching it grow is a wonderful way to facilitate learning while having family time. Younger students can start small in the egg cartons while older students can do the research and see what plants will attract certain wildlife.