This is a video resource that uses a 180-degree panoramic image to give you an inside look at Arecibo, a huge radio telescope. If you are planning to watch this video, I suggest that you have your child define the following terms beforehand so they have some background information on the subject: radio telescope, biosphere, azimuth, Gregorian dome, and ionosphere. The speaker uses these vocabulary words in the video and if you have trouble following along I suggest to turn on the closed captioning capabilities. In the upper left hand corner, there are arrows for you to control the image in focus. You can really get a sense of the magnitude of size when the speaker is on the catwalk and asks you to look down. Many times students feel like everything that can be discovered has been discovered already. Mentioning that this radio telescope, built over 50 years ago, is still at the forefront of discovering life beyond our solar system proves that there is so much more out there to identity and observe.