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Sort That Trash!

Sort That Trash!

Learn how you can reduce the amount of trash going to landfills just by sorting your waste before you throw it out. This quick, interactive game will help you figure out how to sort that trash.

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What I'll Learn

Every day our landfills are filled with items that can be reused, recycled, or composted. When we send these items to the landfill, they can pollute our environment.

What to Do

What I Need

What to Do: Step-by-Step Instructions


Learn before we play:  items that we put in our trash are sent to landfills.

Items put in recycling cans are broken down and made into new items.

Items that go into green waste or organics bins are broken down and used to help new plants grow.

Items sent to Hazardous Waste facilities are disposed of properly so they don’t contaminate our environment.

Now that you’ve learned what happens to your waste, it’s time to practice sorting. Visit:  Press the green flag to begin the game.

Fun Fact:

We made this trash sorting game using Scratch. You, too, can learn to code on Scratch.

Good job! You sorted that waste by moving the items into the correct bin. Now it’s time to get sorting in real life, as you Sort That Trash!

Fun Fact:

When you sort your trash in real life, you can help reduce amount of waste in landfills by 50%.
Household bins for waste sorting in the kitchen. Multicoloured Bins. Recycle. Plastic, paper packaging, coloured or clear glass, tin cans, bio waste, electronic equipment