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Race Car Rally

Race Car Rally

Have you ever wanted to build a crazy car and see how well it works? This super fun game will put you in the designer’s chair as you create your own race car and race it around a special racetrack.

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What I'll Learn

Design and test a virtual race car on four different racetracks.

What to Do

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What to Do: Step-by-Step Instructions


Discovery Cube’s Raceway Exhibit turns you into an engineer as you design, build, and test your own race car.

Tips & Tricks:

Before you visit the Cube, try out this fun virtual car engineering game and gain some pointers to help you win the race.

To start playing the game, visit:

Fun Fact:

We made this race car game using Scratch. You, too, can learn to code on Scratch.

Before you can begin to design your car, select one of four racetracks.

Fun Fact:

Each racetrack has a different goal:
• Short Drag Race needs a quick burst of speed.
• 24 Hour Oval Track uses a lot of fuel.
• Icy Oval Track needs lots of traction.
• Off-Road Dirt Track must have good clearance and handling.

Mix and match different bodies, colors, tires, drivers, fuel, and power as you design the perfect car.

Tips & Tricks:

Every time you make a new selection, notice how the 5 gauges on the left adjust. These are measuring your car’s acceleration, speed, traction, handling, and power. Which of these is most important for your racetrack?

When you’re happy with your car, test it out on your selected racetrack.

Did you win the race?  Did you crash? You can always go back to edit your car or test your car on a new track. Use the purple Home button to help you navigate.