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Put on a Bubble Show! | Haz un show de burbujas

Put on a Bubble Show! | Haz un show de burbujas

The final video in this special bubble series gets you ready to impress your family and friends with your very own bubble show! This activity is fun for all ages.

El vídeo final en esta serie especial de burbujas te prepara para impresionar a tu familia y amigos con tu propio show de burbujas. Este vídeo es divertido para todas las edades.

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Backyard Bubblefest

Part of our Outdoor Science Adventures
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What I'll Learn

Impress your family and friends as you become a bubble performer!

Watch this video to get started:

What to Do

What I Need

What to Do: Step-by-Step Instructions


It’s time to put on a bubble show! You can choose any of the following bubble tricks to try, or for added fun, try them all. Don’t forget to gather your special audience of family and friends.

The Bubble Twins Challenge: You will need two small wands for this trick. Blow 2 bubbles that are about the same size, catching each one on the bottom of a different wand. Then bring the bubbles together until they connect. Do you see the straight line that formed where the two bubbles connected?


The Bubble Chain Challenge: Blow a medium/small bubble and catch it on the underside of your wand. Then dip a straw into your bubble solution and gently blow towards the bottom of your captured bubble. Repeat. The goal is to attach as many bubbles to your caterpillar chain as you can. Can you connect at least four bubbles?

Tips & Tricks:

Try to make each bubble a little smaller than the last as you build your chain.

The Which is Bigger? Me or the Bubble Challenge: Use your giant bubble wand and extra-large container of solution. Can you make a bubble that is bigger than yourself?

The Bubble in a Bubble Challenge: Blow a medium/large bubble and catch it on the underside of your wand. Dip your straw into the bubble solution, making sure the bottom ⅔ of the straw is wet. Gently insert the straw into your bubble. Then blow a small bubble inside the larger bubble.

Like Melody taught us, make sure you end with showmanship: take a bow and invite your audience to give you a round of applause!