Discovery Cube’s “Camouflage in Action”

Discovery Cube’s “Camouflage in Action”

Explore how different kinds of animals play hide-and-seek in the wild.

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Time Needed:
30-45 minutes
Life Science
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What I'll Learn

Learn all about camouflage adaptations as you draw different animals and place them in new environments.

Before you begin, watch this video by SciShow Kids:

What to Do

What I Need

What to Do: Step-by-Step Instructions


On one piece of paper, draw or color a few animals, such as: a moth, owl, or toad.

Practice your fine motor skills by cutting out your animals.

On the second piece of paper, draw a variety of environments, such as: tall green grass, rocks, trees, deep dark oceans, white snow, etc.

Prediction time!  Which animal will camouflage, or hide, best in each of these environments?

Now it’s time to test those predictions!  One at at time, place each animal on each environment.  Then practice your observation skills: which animals hide best in each environment?

Fun Fact:

Adaptations are special traits that help an animal survive.  Some animals use an adaptation called “camouflage” to blend into their surroundings.  Animals that are often hunted by others (prey) camouflage so they are less likely to be eaten, while hunters (predators) camouflage so they are less likely to be spotted when they are trying to hunt.
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