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Bubble Wands Made Easy | Varitas sencillas para hacer burbujas

Bubble Wands Made Easy | Varitas sencillas para hacer burbujas

Get creative and make your own unique bubble wands of all shapes and sizes with common household items. This activity is fun for all ages.

Pon a prueba tu creatividad haciendo tus propias varitas para hacer burbujas de diferentes figuras y tamaños con materiales que puedes encontrar en casa. Este vídeo es divertido para todas las edades.

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Backyard Bubblefest

Part of our Outdoor Science Adventures
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What I'll Learn

Bubbles come in many sizes, but only in one shape, no matter what shape wand you use.

What to Do

What I Need

What to Do: Step-by-Step Instructions


To make your own simple bubble wand, start by making the “loop”: wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around a bottle cap to create a circle. To close the loop, twist the pipe cleaner where the two ends overlap.

Tips & Tricks:

If you don’t have a bottle cap, try “free-handing” a circle on one end of the pipe cleaner, twisting the pipe cleaner to close the loop.

Fold the rest of the pipe cleaner in half, twisting the two pieces together to create your handle.

Tips & Tricks:

To make a sturdier handle, you can add beads, twisting the end of the pipe cleaner around the last bead to hold all the beads in place.

Did you know you can make your bubble wand into any shape and size you want? Try using more pipe cleaners to create other shapes, such as a: square, triangle, diamond, or even a flower. For larger sizes or special shapes, you may need to use more than one pipe cleaner. Twist two pipe cleaners together to extend the length!

Fun Fact:

Bubbles are fluids and will fill out the shape of whichever wand you use. When you dip a square wand into bubble solution, a flat film forms a 2-dimensional square inside your wand. But did you know that as soon as you blow a bubble, it will always be a 3-dimensional circle, called a “sphere”? This is because the “skin” of the bubble wants to shrink to the smallest possible shape, while still keeping all of the air inside. The shape that has the smallest surface area compared to volume is a sphere, which is why bubbles are always round!

To make big bubbles, it’s best to start with a large wand. You can make one using a metal coat hanger and a little help from an adult! Start by untwisting the coat hanger to make it straight. You can use a pair of pliers (or two!) to help you work the metal.

Tips & Tricks:

Don’t worry if your metal isn’t perfectly straight: you just want it straight enough to be able to change the shape and create a handle.

Use your hands or the pliers to bend the metal wire into any shape you want. Remember to make it BIG! But be sure to leave enough wire for your handle (try saving at least 10 inches). Then twist the metal where the two ends connect to close the loop and make your handle.

Tips & Tricks:

Try starting in the center of your wire to create your shape. Then use the two ends to create your handle.

Wrap pipe cleaners around the bubble loop. This will help to absorb more bubble solution, which means more bubbles!

Fun Fact:

You don’t need a special bubble wand to blow a bubble. You can use a straw or even your hands to blow bubbles! But, it’s usually much easier to create big bubbles using a big wand.

It’s bubble blowing time! Pull out your bubble solution and start testing your wands. Which one makes the most bubbles? Which one makes the biggest bubbles? Which one is easiest to use?