The educational value of this activity is a fun learning potential for elementary students. The quality of the content is organized, in-depth and user friendly. The lesson may be challenging to implement if supplies are limited. An alternative may be to use a world atlas and/or globe – if available – then to realistically plot where the locations of the volcanoes are plotted around the world. If that's not available, another alternative is to utilize a graph and/or line paper and re-create a world map. I feel there's many ways to re-create this activity for the student to think worldly and outside of the box. Such as another activity may be to observe potholes around the neighborhood, could that create a volcano? Mystery Science never fails to let students and educators be curious, be creative, and to think outside of the box of our world – wherever we're at & live in. This lesson is fun and engaging. It is a great recommendation for understanding if a volcano could pop up where we live.