The video links for this activity are really nice and explain bird beak differences very well. I especially like that the second video includes a guessing game that helps students practice what they’ve just learned. I have done this bird food/beak activity a number of times in different classrooms sometimes with different tools, different time limits and goals like; see if you can only collect a specific food, try a different beak etc. This activity typically ends up being more of an experiment on how kids will react to a controlled chaos “Hunger Games” style scenario of who gets to eat and live, who fails and dies and who will accidentally get cut with “safety scissors. I have been shocked at the ruthlessness of seemingly gentle natured children and kindness of kids who put food into a friend’s “stomach so they wouldn’t die. I have experienced some really insightful discussions with kids who related to the birds and how they lived, but I have rarely done this activity and not had it end in tears. Keep in mind you will be finding toothpicks and pony beads around your house until you move.