Big Soap Opera!
Giant Bubble Wands is a two minute thirty second video detailing how to make and create a giant bubble wand. When teaching this to students, I have gained a few pointers in creating the ideal scenario to create a giant bubble. The materials included are not super common for most households so I have detailed some adjustments when teaching this to have the most success.
The most important thing is having a really good bubble solution. Trying to create amazing bubbles with a subpar solution does not work. I would recommend using glycerin in your bubble solution recipe to take it to the next level.
When it comes to the supplies needed, replacing the giant sticks with chopsticks I found resulted in a much smaller bubble wand. If possible, obtain some other item to represent the sticks like drum sticks or even branches from a tree provided they are roughly the same size. For the washer or bead, I found a binder clip worked just as well. Younger children will have trouble attaching the string to the stick using a rubber band. You can replace the rubber band with a pipe cleaner if that is easier. The final item I would recommend for this activity is some sort of air flow. Either a steady outside wind or a fan is going to make this activity a lot easier.
With all these details in mind, this activity really pops with all audiences. Have a fun day outside where you can practice and harness your giant bubble making skills. Hopefully, you too can create a unbelievabubble bubble.