This resource is highly educational, entertaining, and engaging. It pauses the video many times to ask the students why and encourages them to have discussions. If other participants are not around you can have your child write in a journal and share their thoughts with you at a later time. The quality of the videos is very good and they have the option to enable closed captioning to encourage reading and appropriate spelling. The main topic of this activity is erosion, but that word is not mentioned until the very end. I would encourage educators to inform the student the topic of the day is erosion and for them to think about what that means, and then revisit the topic after the activity. I really enjoy how this activity ask students to use their imagination and pretend there is a river breaking up the rocks. The materials are easy to come by; you can literally use any piece of paper you can find. I would encourage people to use grocery store ads (re-purposing materials and being eco-friendly) to help the students visualize how something whole can be broken down into almost unrecognizable pieces. It can be tricky if you do not have a printer at home, but you can always have your child design their own river and carry out the activity.