This resource does a great job at introducing key background information that is necessary to understand the main concept of the activity, camouflage. I learned so much about camouflage being more than looking like your surroundings; animals can mimic texture and shape to fool the outsiders. It is very important to scroll down to the bottom of the resource where there is a section called Educator’s Toolbox. This section provides downloadable content, listed throughout the resource, that enhances learning. The documents in the toolbox list the NGSS that apply to the activity and define vocabulary in age appropriate words. They also give the student a way for them to organize their thoughts and can help with the learning assessment that comes in step six. The inclusion of the full video on step 4 was amazing because I was able to listen to the excitement the marine biologist had at being able to observe the awesome use of camouflage by the octopus. It really made me feel like something that I thought I understood and was simple was actually very groundbreaking. Sculpting the octopus was so fun as well. I tried to challenge myself by making it look like a place in my house and asking my roommate to find it. The resource also list modification if a sculpting material is not available that makes it accessible to everyone with limited resources.