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Perseverance Landed on Mars!

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Watch Ask an Expert now on Discovery Cube Connect!

Discovery Cube’s Mr. R learns all about Mars’ Perseverance Rover from Kevin Frank, a NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory expert.

Hands-On At-Home Activities

Check out these hands-on experiments and activities that you can do any time with supplies you already have around the house. They will help you better understand what Perseverance is doing on Mars!

Martian Mission Interactive Experience

Discover a Strange New Planet

Martian Parachute Lander

Mars Art

Mission to Mars Student Challenge: Learn About Mars

Robotic Arm Challenge

Make a Moon or Mars Rover Game

Stomp Rockets

Parachute Design

Make a Straw Rocket

Explore Mars: A Mars Rover Game

Code a Mars Helicopter Video Game

Make a Paper Mars Helicopter

Make an Astronaut Lander

Create Flashlight Constellations